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Bounce Rate VS. Exit Rate - Infojerk.Net

Bounce Rate Vs. Exit Rate – Infojerkian’s Guide!

First of all Type in Comment if you don’t know about the Exit Rate or Don’t Know that where to See it! Yeah! We know that there are many people’s those don’t know about this metric. Many of us just dwell our time to understand & think about the Bounce Rate but many of us…
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Compressed - Search Engine Marketing - Pay Per Click - SEM - PPC - Infojerk-min

SEM or PPC – Search Engine Marketing – The Guide for Next Level!

The SEM is an aspect of Internet marketing, where you have to pay the search engine to display your ad on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Digital Marketing - The Beginners Guide - Infojerk.Net-min

Digital Marketing – The Real Mystery Behind Online Community – Updated!

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing for our products and services using the modern digital platform, which mostly consists of the internet, display advertising, etc.