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Redirections – The Concept of Playing with URL at Your Service – Must See!

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Have you ever clicked a Link while watching the URL and suddenly it has been changed?


No, it’s not it’s a “redirection” about which we are going to study today!

What is Redirection?

Redirection is the process that is used most commonly in the SEO and it’s easy. In redirection, all we do is forward a user or bot from one URL (which is turned off because of some reason) to another URL (which currently working).

According to MOZ:

Redirection is a way to send both users and search engine bot to a different URL from the one they originally requested.

Why do we need the Redirections?

Redirection is Damn Important for both the User and the Search Engine bot because when a particular page is moved or closed and still your users are coming to see it but they are finding an error code rather than the actual information so it rises the bad ranking signal.

As I told you that Redirection is important for both the users and the Search Engine:

Users: Assume you were having a page where your users were coming but now because of some reasons that page is not availed anymore, so don’t you think that it will make an obstacle for them? In this situation, you should create a page and redirect the page ‘A’ to it so the users can get on your website what they want.

Search Engine Bot: Assume that there is a search engine Bot that comes to your page, which has been removed because of some reason but now what a search engine will get? It’s an issue because Bot can De-rank you for that keyword, isn’t? So in this situation, you will need to use the redirection.

Redirection Types and which one is Useful for me?

Now this question which brings you on this blog, isn’t?

Over the internet, you will see many kinds of redirections but now the question is which one is useful for you and in what manner? But don’t worry because here I am going to tell you no more than three Redirections and believe me these are enough to help you out all you need to do is just understand them and use for your purpose.

301 Redirections: 301 Redirection is most commonly known as the Permanent Redirection and it passes most of your link equity to the WebPage. This is used most commonly in the SEO Community.

302 Redirections: 302 Redirection is most commonly known as the Temporarily Redirection. We use it as a temporary solution to work on page “A”. Some of the Google experts say that 301 & 302 both treated the same but many times it happens that the results differ. Still, I can say that 301 is the best method to do redirections.

Meta Refresh: Have you ever clicked on a page and seen a prompted message “if you are not redirected in five seconds, click here”, yes this is the type of redirection known as Meta refresh.


So, now I hope that you have got enough insights over Redirections and able to choose the best suited for you, but if you still have any kind of issue then you should not have to worry and just comment me below!


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