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  • Suitable For People With Cervical Spine Injuries And Bone Ligament Injuries.
  • It Can Help Reduce Neck Pain, Relieves Nagging Headaches And Migraines, And Restore Proper Cervical Comfort With Just 8 Minutes Of Use Per Day.
  • Loosen Tensed Jaw Muscles, Increase Blood Circulation, And Stretch Your Neck Muscles.
  • It Has Multiple Massage Points That Target The Areas In The Neck And Lower Head.
  • Material: Pu Foam 
  • Size: 22 X 17.5 X 12.5cm (8.66 X 6.89 X 4.92in) 
  • Package Includes: 1 X Neck And Shoulder Relaxer Chiropractic Pillow

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Are You Struggling With Neck Pain? 

Well, If Your Answer Is Yes, Then You Know How Damaging And Painful It Can Be. Of Course There Are Hundreds Of Products Out There That Claim To Help Relieve Neck Pain, But They Don’t Actually Do The Job. The Neck Pain Healer Is Different. It Was Designed Specifically To Treat Neck Pain And The Accompanying Headaches By Reversing The Damage Caused By Long Term Use Of Your Computer, Phone Or Tv.

Release Pain, Stress & Tension In Your Neck & Head 

With The Cervical Neck Traction Pillow, You Can Relax Your Mind And Ease Pain In Your Upper Shoulder And Anterior Neck. Simply Lie Down On The Pillow, And Let The Weight Of Your Head Gently Stretch The Upper Shoulder And Anterior Neck Muscles.

Just 08 Minutes At A Time 

Neck Pain Healer Has 6 Massage Nodes Evenly Distributed In The Neck Muscle Area, Providing Shiatsu Massage For The Cervical Spine. Use Once Every Two Days, And Long-Term Use Can Effectively Relieve Neck Pain, Stiffness And Muscle Tension.

Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain 

Our Cervical Neck Traction Pillow Targets Acupuncture Points Around The Neck And Relieves Pressure From The Neck/Shoulder Pain, Bulging Discs, Pinched Nerves And Sore Muscles.

Correct Forward Head/Neck Postures 

Simple, Effective, And Safe Cervical Solution.  Simple And Effective Physical Therapy Technique To Help Restore Proper Cervical Curvature Associated With Stiff Neck. Soothes Away Headaches, Migraines And Other Neck Issues.

High Density Foam Material 

It Is A Delicate And Beautiful Neck Cushion. It Will Help Your Neck Pain And Relieve You From Pain. It Is Made Of Waterproof And Odorless High Density Foam Material, Which Is Easy To Clean, Just Wipe It Off With A Damp Towel.

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Dimensions 15.6 × 16 × 24 cm

33 reviews for Infojerk Lifestyle – Neck And Shoulder Relaxer Chiropractic Pillow

  1. Tanya Wangchoo

    Fast delivery, quality is also good. I recommend it to those who have a neck.


    Good product, need to use it in right way and hoping the results will be positive. Its a nice firm product with the correct ergonomic shape expected.

  3. Pranav s.

    Really relaxing and it aligns spine must buy

  4. Eloise

    The part arrived and I was a bit skeptical. But it is incredibly relaxing. I’ve also fallen asleep on it a few times. I don’t know if it’s coming from this part, but I can now stand in the kitchen for half an hour and work with my eyes down without going through the ceiling in pain. The heavy stuff is gone. And that part is lying in my bed. The pillow is then pushed up and placed on it in the evening before falling asleep. This is also much more comfortable than lying down with it on the ground, etc. It’s pretty good in bed, and you won’t get back pain like on a thin yoga mat.

    What I personally would like is that the pimples would come out a little stronger. The effect would then be even stronger. But all in all, a great piece.

  5. Roni

    I’ve been suffering from an impinged shoulder and nerve pain in my arm for a couple of months. I’ve been going to PT and have a series of exercises I do to help relieve my pain. One of the things my physical therapist does for me is put my neck in traction for about 10 minutes at the end of my sessions. Makes a huge difference. I wanted to find a way to do something similar for myself at home safely. The neck hammock things looked scary. Then I found this product. I use it about once a day – after work or before bed – and it helps stretch my neck in addition to the other exercise my PT has me do. I started gradually with this, about 3min at first. I’ve worked up to using it for 10 minutes at a time. I would recommend this. But listen to your body.

  6. DMR

    I’ve used this now for 2 full weeks and most definitely my little tech-neck has not decreased nor do I think it will soon by just using this for 10 minutes a day. Definetly make 20 out of that and use more than once a day and move the head/neck while doing so, so that the pressure can make an impact on the muscles etc. Also, it is not the most comfortable thing but one gets more used to it with time. The item was very cheap to buy and it gives a cheap impression (well, what to expect)…

  7. RakulRoku

    having said all this, from day 2 I could feel that the bumpy area is definitely reacting while resting the head/neck and feels looser and after a few days, the prospect of lying down and resting the head on the thing becomes something to really look forward to and enjoy/relax into. Also, the general awareness of improving the posture is much higher and hopefully helping.

    This is no quick fix but still helps with improving overall well-being.

    ! Just something that we noticed: this is not gonna do much for people who cannot get their head touching the floor when lying down (like my partner who is a bit bigger in body size) as they might not be able to get “close enough” to the neck rest to actually use it.

    Was delivered within time frame, came in a bag and was a small 1 sheet manual which really said all there was to know in pics.

  8. Maria

    I read all the good reviews and still I was a bit skeptical. Omg. This thing is seriously a must have. I work on a computer all day. So I always have neck and shoulder pain. And to make it worse our computers are angled, so I am never looking straight at the monitor. I am turned slightly to my right which has made the left side of my neck all wonky. Also I carry my child on my left so this just adds to the wonkiness on the left side of my body. I have used chiropractors in the past and I know that if I can just pop the left side of neck I would have some releif. So I laid on this thing last night, maybe 5 minutes, if that. And when I sat up, I tilted my head to the right and it finally popped. It felt so good and it released my tense shoulder. When I was laying down, I could feel the muscles on my back especially on the left kind of stretch a little. I think they were being straightened and corrected from being wonky. I would definitely recommned this if you have some kind of pain in your shoulders and neck.

  9. MS

    The product complies with its functionality, you can tell that it “replaces” the vertebrae in place and with the weight of the head it presses the muscles by doing a “natural” massage in the cervical area and the upper part of the shoulders. Only care must be taken if the deformation of the spine is already more pronounced (as is my case), since it can cause a lot of pain in the neck area and ringing in the ears. In this case, it is advisable to do physical therapy first to try to improve the condition of the vertebral area as much as possible, and then use this product as a “maintenance” plan, to preserve the results achieved so that the vertebrae do not return to their previous situation

  10. FrischInKs

    Jacked up from a huge cancer surgery, I always ache. But the 2nd half of this past summer, I really began aching for some reason. Pain shooting up the back of my head from my neck, I was waking up with headaches. Sister advised too much laptop/phone time, my head is tipped down too much ( I do it now due to that surgery anyway). 9 minutes per day on this thing, I am back to my ‘normal’ aching….it isn’t perfect, hence the 1 star off for pain relief. I use it as a maintenance tool. Besides, the dog loves it when I lay flat on the floor…

  11. Premium Customer

    I used this for literally 10 minutes and 10 years of stiff neck and shoulder pain was almost completely gone.

    I had very limited motion in my neck. Turning it from side to side was almost impossible.

    I was at my wit’s end, and didn’t want to spend a zillion dollars on chiropractors so I took a chance. I saw this on Facebook for like twice the money. I tried Amazon and found the exact same thing, for a lot less.

    I now use it for 10 minutes two or three times a week just before bed and I don’t have nearly the pain I had before.

  12. Sharon S Walters

    I stumbled across this item whilst looking for something to help with my constant neck pain. The price was very good so I thought I’d give it a try. It has been amazing, not only has my neck pain gone but the weekly migraines have also stopped. I have suffered with migraines most of my adult life and attend a migraine clinic and this item is the only thing that has given me relief. I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night for 15 minutes. It was uncomfortable initially but I persevered and the results are amazing. It may not work for others but for me it has given me respite from the constant pain.

  13. Kate

    I don’t think I have used this product long enough to have it reduce the small hump at the base of my neck, as advertised, and I’m not convinced it will, but for the price, I thought it worth trying. It does feel good to have my neck in traction and it will often self-adjust, which also feels good and delays visits to the chiropractor. Because of that, I will continue to use it and be pleasantly surprised should it produce the desired result of reduction of dowagers hump.

  14. Aniket Sengupta

    This is really helpful, have a long and tiring day, lie on this for 10 mins and you will instantly feel the difference. Not sure how this would be helpful in the long run as I have recently started using it.

  15. FrischInKs

    I don’t understand why people write a nice review, but the ratings are less than 5. I was skeptical at first, and I thought it was a sleeping pillow, but is not. I have a military neck and I’m constantly in pain on my neck, shoulders and head. I use it as instructed, 10 minutes 3 times a day. At first it was weird and painful, and I’m not saying I’m pain free but my pain is so much manageable than before this contraction. I will recommend it 100%, but follow the instructions. If yours didn’t included one come back to this page, plenty of pictures to show you how to use it.

  16. Stephen M Bailey

    Compact product, easy to use and found it had a very relaxing effect during use which was nice.

  17. Amany

    I got this for my neck and shoulder pain. I always wake up with pain in my neck because of the pillows. Today I woke up with a massive headache that didn’t go away with pain killers. I used this product for 10 min and I could instantly feel the tension in my neck and shoulders relax and ease up. It felt like a bliss and after 10 min with this, my headache was gone.
    I still feel it’s effect on my shoulder. I felt just a little bit of arm tingling but it wasn’t so bad. The positive effect I had on my neck and shoulders, and the fact that it relieved a horrible headache makes it very worth it. I love it and will continue using it.

  18. Andrew W

    I’ve suffered from terrible neck pain for years due to a lifetime of sitting at a desk looking at a computer or being on my phone. I’ve tried lots of things for my neck but so far this has been the most effective. The stretch you get with this can be mimicked by placing something like a rolled up pillow under your neck. I had tired this for years but after receiving this pillow I can see that it’s nowhere near as effective as this device. Skip the towels and get this thing, it gives you a MUCH better and more supported stretch. Neck pain be gone!

  19. Jon holdsworth

    Use it for 10 minutes a day

  20. Marissa

    I wanted to give this a try for my upper back pain and wow! I’m so happy I did! It helps stretch my upper back and neck so much to the point where I’m not in pain anymore. Feels like I have a new back! At night I like to take an edible sometimes and get my body relaxed and start stretching then add this guy in! I could stretch on it for 30 mins happily because it feels so good! I recommend to anyone with the upper back pain and even lower it’ll stretch you all the way to there!

  21. Em

    I’ve barley been able to even keep my head up my neck has been so sore from being back in the office and sitting at a desk, I’ve used this usually once a day the past few days and WOW it relives so much pain. I couldn’t even tell if it was doing anything while I was laying on it. But it was!

  22. Alan George Francis

    Earth days see how it goes

  23. Heather

    Bought this with low expectations but have had neck pain for years after being thrown from a horse. I frequently go to the chiropractor, but ten minutes on this and my range of motion was fantastic and I was almost pain free. I didn’t want to get up off of it. Sure, its hours later and I’m stiffening up again, but its only day one.

  24. Haji Malik

    I thought why not and I’m glad I bought it. At first glance I wasn’t impressed but after a few days of trying it for 10/15 minutes changing it around once I feel better. I don’t have chronic pain so I can’t speak to that but the stretch is really nice and now part of my daily routine. Would buy again

  25. Colleen Conneran

    I’m someone who works on a computer all day every day. And when I’m not working, I’m on my phone or watching tv. I’ve started to experience a lot of tension and issues on my back and neck so decided to try this. And it helps sooo much!! I use it and close my eyes and meditate for the 10 minutes and the time flies by! I look forward to being able to use it each day because I can feel the difference it makes. Now is it a miracle work that offers change overnight? No but I also didn’t need that. I needed a longer term solution. So I do definitely recommend this!

  26. Amit Shahn

    Try it. I use it to help with my poor posture. I’ve been in so much pain and this is helping to sort me out and stop Hutchinson over all the time.

  27. malachi

    I’m going to preface this by saying I know this is going to sound ridiculous. I know it’s going to sound like a sponsored thing. But I promise it’s not and I promise this isn’t an exaggeration. I’ve known for years that I carry my tension in my neck. The pain will travel up my neck into my jaw and 3-4 days a week I will have a debilitating tension headache by 5pm (I work an intense on call job and my 3 year old is seriously insane to just give a small glimpse of what I know starts a lot of it) I ordered this on a whim, and the first night I got it I tried it out. I was laying on the floor and my entire body was so relaxed my mouth was hanging open and my sister and husband were laughing at me. But after 10 minutes I sat up and I felt like my head was 20lbs lighter. I have used it every day since and have not had one head/neck/jaw ache. Not. One. This has literally changed my life. I had no idea the intensity of pain I was carrying daily until it was no longer there. I had no idea the amount of stress the pain put my body under until I realized I have actually been a happier person this last week. I have been more joyful, lighthearted and just overall feeling better than I have in years. Like I said, I know this is going to sound silly. But if you’re dealing with any sort of neck pain or tension headaches PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try this. You have nothing to loose and if this changes your life like it did mine, this will be the best $30 you’ve ever spent. I’m literally in tears of happy relief as I do this every night before bed, the relief is instant and it’s long lasting. Each day has been an improvement, I’m so excited for my next chiropractor appointment to hear what she thinks of this progress. I will forever be recommending this to people.

  28. The Parrothead

    I’ve had weird neck issues for decades and this helps tremendously. Decided to write this review today when I came home from work with a nasty headache, unable to see out of my right eye because my neck was so out of whack. Laid on this “Sea Monster Tongue” for ten minutes and the headache was SO much better! Plus the vision in my right eye was resolved. Ten minutes, that’s it.

    I’m a flight nurse, and wear a helmet for hours on end with my head held in one position for long stints. After over twenty years of flying I have terrible neck alignment issues with bone spurs on my cervical vertebrae and odd compression on my spinal nerves. I’ve tried dozens of methods to relieve the pain…from inflatable neck collars to traction ropes to shiatsu massagers…on top of months of physical therapy. Not only is this device easy to use, it’s easy to customize. You decide how much traction you want, how long you can tolerate and how deep to relax into it. The more you relax, the more it can do its job. It might be uncomfortable at first, so try using it just five minutes a few times a day. As you get used to it and you relax into it you’ll start realizing the benefits. Plus it gives you a little “me time” to relax and breathe.

    It is not an overstatement to say this changes my life every time I use it. I go from being nauseated from the pain and nerve compression to fully functional and happy.

    There was a very slight smell when I first took it out of the packaging, but that disappeared within a day. I bought a second one today to keep at work so I don’t repeat the drive home with bad vision.

    I highly recommend this product. Just the fact that you’re looking at this product warrants purchasing it. What’s the worst that could happen? Just return it if you don’t like it. But you’ll love it…and might end up buying another one later.

  29. jan lim

    Even though the item doesn’t look like it works but surprise surprise, it does help to relief the build up tension or stress on the neck after a long day. Might not feel like much initially but once you skip a day or two of not using, you’ll feel the tense muscles again

  30. Xem Koji

    I’m a woman with chronic jaw, shoulder, and neck pain. I bought this hoping it would help on a whim one night and holy bleep am I glad I did. I can lay on this and everything slowly stretches and relaxes… I’ve literally fallen asleep on it.

  31. Jennifer

    I do not usually write reviews. However, this adjustment pillow is absolutely amazing. I suffer from horrible tension headaches/migraines. Within minutes, I get relief. Sometimes I still have to take a pain reliever, but the pillow itself takes away the majority of the tension/stiffness/pain.

    The creators of this pillow deserve an award!

  32. MCK0852

    The first time or two I used this, I didn’t think anything was happening. I didn’t have the discomfort many people described or really any specific feeling at all (except I also did notice some tingling in my left hand that took awhile to subside & after regular use of this product has not been an issue). However, in the mornings I have noticed my neck is SO much less tight (even after the first use). I feel like I have a greater range of motion. I probably use it 5-10 minutes 4-5 days a week so far (I’ve had it about 2 weeks) so I am not seeing any results in my “tech neck hump” and maybe I won’t.

    Also for months prior to using this I was having some hip/groin issues in one hip joint. My overall hip pain/aches aren’t gone but I notice better mobility and less pain/tightness in the particular joint I’d had trouble with for months. May be a coincidence but I’ll take it!

    My husband really likes this product also

  33. Kat

    So far the product seems comfortable and I can feel my spine adjusting

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