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  • Crystal Hair Eraser: Brand New Tool For Hair Remove. No Need For Razor, Waxing, Lasers. With Our Crystal Hair Removal, You Can Remove Your Body Hair Naturally And Harmless.
  • Painless & Easy To Use: Very Convenient To Use, Rub Your Skin With The Crystal Hair Removal In A Circle Gently, And It Will Return You The Soft Smooth Silky Skin.
  • Portable Hair Removal: Small And Easy To Carry. You Can Even Put It In Your Pocket.
  • All-Natural, Chemical & Odor Free: It Gently Exfoliates Dead Skin Cell While Removing Unwanted Hair In A Modern And Painless Way.
  • Full Body Use: It’s Safe For All You Body Part, Such Us Arms, Legs, Back, Chest, Knuckles, Bikini Line.

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This Hair Removal Tool Is Made Of High-Quality Plastic+Glass Materials, With A Smooth Surface, Safe And Reliable, And Can Be Used With Confidence.

Simple And Convenient To Use, Say Goodbye To Traditional Hair Removal Methods, Suitable For All Skin Types.

Suitable For Hair Removal On All Skin Types All Over The Body, Including Face, Arms, Underarms, Bikini Line, Legs, Back And Chest. Leaves Skin Feeling Clean, Soft And Smooth.

Small And Compact, Easy To Carry. It Won’t Take Up Much Space In A Bag Or Suitcase When Traveling.

This Painless Hair Removal Tool Is An Excellent Gift For Relatives, Friends And Colleagues On Special Festivals Such As Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Etc.

When It Comes To Enjoying A Perfectly Smooth, Glowing Skin From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, There’s No Room For Compromise.Β 

We Focuses On Providing Innovative And Cost Affordable Hair Removal Solutions Which Are Meant To Make Your Life Easier, Without Interfering With Your Comfort Or Safety.

We Rely Only On Premium Quality Materials And Trustworthy Manufacturers, In Order To Meet Your Rigorous Expectations.

If By Some Reason You’re Not 100% Pleased With What You Got, Our Customer Care Department Is At Your Disposal And Will Address Any Concerns!

Ij Lifestyle Crystal Hair Remover For Men And Women

A Physical Hair Eraser Is Safer And More Accessible, Never Worry About Cleaning, Just Rinse The Shaving Area With Water.

Crystal Hair Eraser Is A Smooth, Curved Shell With Ergonomic, Painless Hair Removal & Exfoliating To Reveal The Baby’s Smooth Skin.

There Are Money-Saving, Easy To Use, Painless Hair Removal, Without Charging, Easy To Carry, Reusable, And Other Characteristics.

Crystal Hair Eraser Is Not Disposable, You Need To Rinse It With Water And It Can Be Reused For Up To Three Years.

How To Use ?

Step 1: Clean And Wipe The Area To Be Epilated.

Step 2: Place The Product On The Location To Be Epilated And Apply Moderate Pressure To Wipe In A Circular Motion.

Step 3: After Epilation, Gently Wash With Water Or Gently Wipe The Epilated Area With A Wet Towel.

Step 4: Rinse The Hair And Dead Skin From The Crystal Hair Eraser With Water After Use And Store It In A Dry Place.


  • Our Products Are All Natural Materials With No Chemicals And Can Be Used Completely Without Added Lotion Shaving Foam. On The Other Hand You Avoid Allergic Reactions To Chemical Hair Removal!
  • With The Latest Nano Glass Technology, Dead Skin Cells And Your Hair Are Gently Removed Layer By Layer, So That Only A Small Invisible Hair Tip
  • Remains Close To The Skin’s Surface (Micro Cuticle Abrasion).
  • This Minimizes The Risk Of Ingrowth And Reduces The Rate Of Regrowth! All You Have To Do Is Slide It Over Your Skin In A Circular Motion. This Rarely
  • Takes Longer Than 5 Minutes


  • It Saves You Money, Protects Our Environment And Lets You Enjoy Your
  • Smooth Skin Without Stubble. Your Nano Hair Remover Remains Reusable For Up To 5 Years.
  • Hair Remover Household:
  • Thousands Of Women Say Goodbye To The Painful Depilation Movement. You Easily Remove Unwanted Body Hair And At The Same Time Ensure That Your Skin Is As Smooth And Soft As After An Epilation. The Perfect Hair Remover For Legs.

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17 reviews for Infojerk Lifestyle – Crystal Hair Remover

  1. Allie

    DISCLAIMER: This thing basically rubs the hair and bumps off your skin. It is entirely possible to rub TOO HARD and leave your skin raw, the same way a rug burn would.

    That said, my legs feel AMAZING!! It works really well on shorter, thinner hair. Takes a little bit longer to get longer/thicker hair, but it’s possible! I used this on my legs and face and I couldn’t be happier.

    NOTES after first use:
    – Use soft/gentle, circular motion for baby soft skin.
    – Works best on dry skin, so it’s convenient.
    – ! If you apply too much pressure, it can make your skin raw.
    – Leaves dead skin residue everywhere, so have a wet washcloth handy to clean up after each section.
    – Slight tingly feeling in the areas where I did go soft but need more focus. Still not as bad as razer burn, but comparable in sensation.

    Since this is simulating friction to remove the hair, I suspect extended use might actually stop the hair from growing in those places (the same way it is between my thighs where my legs rub). I will try and remember to report back after a few months.

  2. Morgan Blackstn

    My leg hair grows super fast and I HATE shaving! It’s such an ordeal for me! And I’ve got the strawberry legs going on. My Hair eraser arrived today and I immediately went to work on my 1 weeks worth of hair. This thing really works! My legs are SUPER smooth! I can see how over time this will help with strawberry legs. There were no instructions for use….so I just went for it….i used it dry while watching TV and it worked amazing! I did get a damp washcloth and would tap the eraser on it every few minutes. Then I wiped off my legs and applied lotion. And my legs are seriously smooth!

  3. Jyoti

    I like this product
    Useful product guys.

  4. Savyasachi Dasgupta

    Works as described.

  5. Darshan patel

    Yeah i have received this in just 3 days and with excellent quality
    Thank you

  6. Kartik Maru

    It will not give you cuts n rashes on skin but will remove any hair.

  7. Ak

    It is most useful products and very Easy to use at any where thank you amazon for this nice item

  8. bhavesh sagar

    This product is very very useful for me. Very easy to use. Very good product. Very body useful. I love it..

  9. Eli Poksh

    I works better dry but takes awhile to remove hair

  10. annesam

    Value for money..painless & easy method to remove hair

  11. Janelle

    My teenagers love using this product. It is faster than shaving and lasts a little longer too.

  12. Southbeachannie

    I only grow a few thin hairs on my calves and this does the trick! No razor burn, quick and easy!

  13. Cheyenne

    I bought this not expecting it to work, especially since it was so inexpensive, but when I tried it out right after I took a shower, IT ACTUALLY WORKED!! I used it on my dry legs and I rubbed it gently in a circular motion, and IT ACTUALLY WORKED😱😱😱😱😱

  14. Shraddha

    Perfect product,, works amazingly well!!! Easy to use easy to carry! Not recommended for boys as they have big long and thick hair but girls can rock with this product! Just few circular stokes and it is just amazing how it cleans your hair and dead skin. Smooth! Recommend,, have a warm water bath before doing this and it will be your perfect go to product for painless hair removal. Loved it 😍

  15. jalina

    Easy to use and value for money. It exfoliates and removes hair (does not epilate) . First wet your skin with warm water and rub lightly in circular motion. Apply moisturiser when done.

  16. Davik

    Excellent and best product. Very offordable and cheap. In total worth buying it. If you are looking for any such thing please go ahead and buy this product

  17. Meet

    Best for legs and arms

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