Infojerk Lifestyle – Best Citrus Juice Maker – Electric Usb Chargeable Portable Fruits Juice Maker

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  • Wireless & Portable Fruit Juicer
  • Higher Consistency
  • Simple To Utilize And Clean
  • Electric & Portable Design For Office Collage & Gym
  • Protected To Utilize Anywhere

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The Electric Citrus Juicer Uses Usb-C Technology For Charging. You Can Take It To The Outdoor Camp And Not Worry About Running Out Of Power. Enjoy Delicious Juice Anytime And Anywhere With One Click!

The Juicer Extractor Is A Modular Appliance That Includes Several Parts That Can Be Detached For Easy Cleaning. It Is Also Equipped With A Brush To Help Clean The Parts And A Dishwasher-Safe Dishwasher Detergent To Clean The Main Body. Wiping It With A Wet Cloth Is Recommended, Other Parts Can Be Washed By Hand.

Wireless & Portable Fruit Juicer: The Electric Citrus Juicer Involves Usb-C Innovation For Charging. Take Our Remote Citrus Juicer To The Open Air Camp And Don’t Stress Over Running Out Of Force. Appreciate Tasty Juice Whenever And Anyplace With A Single Tick!

Higher Consistency: Press And Speak With The Orange, The Juice Is A Lot More Delicious! This Electric Orange Squeezer Extricates Juice With A Sluggish Speed Framework. It Gives The Unadulterated Taste Of Organic Product.

Simple To Utilize And Clean: The Juicer Extractor Is Gathered In A Few Sections, All Separable For Simple Partition And Cleaning. It’s Outfitted With A Brush To Help Clean. However, Kindly Don’t Utilize The Dishwasher To Clean Every One Of The Parts And Don’t Wash The Principal Body, It’s Prescribed To Wipe It With A Wet Material, Different Parts Can Be Washed The Hard Way.

Electric & Portable Design For Office Collage & Gym: The Size Is Exceptionally Minimal And Versatile. It Occupies No Room. Use It At Home Or Take It To The Outing So You Can Have A Nutritious Squeeze Any Time.

Protected To Utilize Anywhere: Our Sluggish Juicer Parts Are All Made Of Top Notch Abs+As Material, Which Is Protected And Non-Harmful. Gives You And Your Sweethearts Delightful Squeeze Consistently! Heartily Advise You That If It’s Not Too Much Trouble, Cut The Natural Product Down The Middle Or More Modest Ahead Of Time To Keep The Natural Product From Stalling Out. Don’t Bother Connecting During Use. Use It After Completely Energized And Don’t Utilize It While Charging. It Requires 1.5-2 Hours To Charge, And When It’s Completely Energized, The Pointer Light Will Abandon Red To White.

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 27 cm

18 reviews for Infojerk Lifestyle – Best Citrus Juice Maker – Electric Usb Chargeable Portable Fruits Juice Maker

  1. Ammy1206

    Easy to use

  2. Rahul

    Before buying this product I was not sure whether it will work or not . But when I got this and start using it gave me good result. U can easily squeeze out juice from pomegranate , mausmi, orange, lemon etc. It’s good for small amount of juice like 2 to 3 person but if you want more juice like for 6 to 7 person . Your hands will start paining . It’s easy to use. Not electricity required, it can clean easily .

  3. Samson Sirla

    It is not very much/fully squeezing and still juice is left in the pulp

  4. Devash

    The triangle guide nozzle and anti-dripping feature help to prevent spills and messes, while the user-friendly handle design provides a comfortable grip for easier juicing. The manual operation is designed to be labour-saving and energy-efficient, and the smooth lining and fine hole design make it easy to filter out slag. Additionally, the foot design adds stability to the juicer, allowing it to be easily and securely placed on a table without slipping.

  5. Shubham Kundra

    This is really helpful device to squeeze fruits and bring fresh juice at home , its really effortless device which just need to press and you can bring fresh juice and drinks at your own home also it’s quality is really amazing and heavy duty , must use it for better experience .

  6. Ankush

    It is a very good juicer which really works good with the combination of nozzles, very simple to use for daily routine for fresh juice with very less time and contains the natural quality of my fruits. Good quality Aluminium nothing is compromised with quality here which makes it very strong and heavy handled 💪👌

  7. Rohan

    This product is very light in weight. It’s a very useful product to squeeze juice instantly. It’s an awesome juicer with simply amazing technique which gives a daily dose of fresh juice within very less time and maintains the natural quality of my fruits intact. Good quality Aluminium used which makes it very strong and heavy handheld juicer. It’s too easy to use and mixes any type of fruit easily and is easy to clean.

  8. Varun

    I loved this juicer a is hassle-free and very easy to use..just chop fruits and press and your freshly squeezed juice is ready.. specially great to give fresh juice to kids daily..also easy to clean! The built is sturdy so good for long term use..

  9. VidyanandKumar

    Very nice ….
    Does the work very efficiently…..
    The metal build makes it very rugged so tension for damage.
    Very essential if you don’t like the packed juice available in the market …..Make fresh juice and enjoy natural.
    Go for it ….

  10. Akshay Thakkar

    Nice product, material is also good, the hand juicers has plenty more space too add fruit due to this juice capacity also increase. Easy to use and wash. Portable easy to carry. With best material build.

  11. snehil srivastava

    Easy to use and convenient in extracting juice.
    Value for money. Anybody can use this. And also it has good and sturdy body. Overall good purchase

  12. Mukesh

    Very good product. As i m a hosteller this is very helpful for me. In shops they give costly juice. From when i bought this i make juice myself.

  13. Abhishek

    Very Strong and Sturdy, takes the juice out of the fruits very easily with smooth pouring.

  14. Parmod

    It’s a fantastic product for kitchen. Quality of material durable. Easy to handle. No extra effort applied for use it.

  15. Kewal

    This product is very light in weight. Very useful for me to get pomegranate and banana juice as I like it the most. What a awesome juicer with simply amazing technology which gives daily dose of fresh juices with in very less time and maintains natural quality of my fruits intact. Overall nice product.

  16. Vaibhav

    Easy to use, material is good. Grip is solid and easy to clean. Overall good product in decent price.

  17. Nitin

    This hand juicer is very useful product
    Easy to use and quality is good 👍👍

  18. Raj

    This juicer is portable easy to carry, press, clean extracts more juice from pulp. Set up is good

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