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Online Reputation Management – ORM – Most Confidential Marketing Exposed

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Online Reputation Management - ORM – Most Confidential Marketing Exposed

What is Online Reputation Management?

Why people do it?

Is this different by Search engine optimization or any other Digital Marketing strategy?

Friends, do you also having the same kind of questions and willing to know the best answer for the same?

So, don’t worry because the Infojerk team will help you understand it in a better way.

What is Online Reputation Management Stands For?

Online reputation management create and enhance your online reputation very well through the different methods.

Suppose that you have a brand of clothes and you are getting viral because of some fake news about your clothing quality; as we know that no one wants to get their bad impacts on the customers, so you also willing to remove all fake news about your brand.

But the question arises that how will you do it?

So, friends here the concept of Online reputation management stand where you try to down the bad results about your brand and raise the good one.

Now the question is why ORM is best fitted for the same purpose? So let’s discuss it.

Why do we need Online Reputation Management?

Now I hope that you have understood that what is real online reputation management is? So let’s talk about the need for it?

Actually, ORM is most commonly used by the huge firms and brands that are working internationally, but if you own a small business then you can do as well even the individual can also do.

So, there are two main and important reasons behind it, those are self-clearing:

  • First is 99% of peoples search online for a particular brand and love to read reviews about you and then they make a direct decision to join with you or not?
  • Online Reputation Management helps you to get participated in big websites and events also.

Do ORM and SEO Stands for the Same?

I am damn sure friends that if you are reading the ORM than surely you are getting confused with the meaning of SEO and ORM.

In actual ORM activity is look like the SEO but it’s quite different from the SEO because:

  • We can target SEO for specific territory but in ORM it’s not possible till now.
  • In SEO you can target everything, but here in wORM, you can only target the brands.


Quite like the above, there are many more differences, but I hope that the above differences are enough for you and if you want to ask something more then don’t be hesitate to ask it by dropping a comment!


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