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Keywords Keywords Keywords!!!

Do you also fed up with the term and want to know the quick summary of it? Then here under the guidance of experts, we are going to learn about it.

What do Keywords Belong to?

The question is a hypothetical itself, and whenever it is asked so you will need to understand the context of questioner because “keyword” is different than “keywords”, like:

Keyword = Key+Word it means a particularly important word for content and
Keywords= Key+Words, which stand for the collection of important words.
In other words:-

“Keywords are the collection of words that define the actual meaning of your content”

Search Queries vs. Keywords

Its good friends if you also have the same question, because it’s the most common question which an interviewer often asks.

So, the search query is another name of keywords like a keyword is used in content and search query are those searches by a user in a search engine!

Read it again!

Why would it Used?

Now, this is the next level question, why we use the keywords?

So, to understand it let’s assume that you are a website owner and you have written awesome content about the “on-page SEO” and you want the persons who want to know about the “On-page SEO”, so what will you do for it?

Yes here the concept of keywords comes in rising, we can also say that keywords are the bridge between the users’ “search term” and your content.

I hope you have got it well!

What is the Different Keywords Type?

This is the last question related to Keywords but most important as well, so there are eight different types of keywords and these are further classified into two types:

Under the SEO point of view:

Under the SEO point of view there are three types of keywords:

  • Primary keywords – Focused mostly.
  • Long-tail keywords – Keywords to target big ideas from the content.
  • Location-based keywords – like, a recruitment agency in India.

Under Google Ads Point of view:

So, this is the second for the most used class in SEO and it is also known as ad word keywords, there are basically of five types:

  • Broad Match Keywords – Broad match shows your ads based on keywords and close variations like synonyms and misspellings. (tennis shoes).
    Example: A search for “tennis sneakers” could return your ad
  • Broad Match Modifier Keywords – Broad match modifier shows your ads based on the broad match, but excludes synonyms. (+tennis, +shoes).
    Example: A search for “buy tenis shoes” could return your ad
  • Phrase Match Keywords – Phrase match shows your ads based on exact phrases and close variations. (“tennis shoes”).
    Example: A search for “tennis shoe reviews” could return your ad
  • Exact Match Keywords – Exact match shows your ads based on exact keywords and close variations. ([Tennis Shoes].
    Example: A search for “tennis shoes” could return your ads
  • Negative Keywords – Negative match shows your ads based on searches and site visits that exclude keywords. (-Men).
    Example: A search for “men’s tennis shoes” would not return your ad

After reading about the kind of keywords now you should have to understand some deep concepts related to it because it can help you to understand the N.O.W of keywords.

Deep Concepts of Keywords

There is a myth in SEO that content is an only king in SEO Community but as I said it just a myth because keywords play a very crucial role to rank your website and get the traffic, without it you can’t do anything.

For your help here I have written about four concepts that are so popular in the SEO community.

Keyword Proximity:

Keyword proximity is a term which indicates the distance between two words or phrase in a particular sentence or text of the body.

For example:

We sell Green Shoes but with the promo code at Cheap Price.

You can buy Green Shoes at Cheap Price with us.

So, both sentences indicate at the same thing but the keywords difference in the first sentence is more than the second and believe me it creates effects in the ranking.

Keyword Prominence:

It’s nothing just a term which is most commonly used by webmasters to define that “how far is your keyword from the key elements (Title, H1, H2, and H3) of your WebPages”

In the SEO community, it is assumed that if your keyword is closer to the key elements of your WebPages then the content will rank faster but there is no proof for it.

Keyword Density:

As the concept clears in its name, basically it’s nothing just the percentage of times a keyword appears on a particular webpage or document.

Keyword density is an important factor but we have to pay extra attention when we use this trick because people think “the higher keyword density the greater you will rank” but it’s not!

Keyword Frequency:

This term is so simple and refers to, how often a keyword appears on a particular webpage, yes it is that simple!

So, I hope that you will have a great benefit with this guide and if it is so please like and share this blog!

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