Keyword Golden Ratio – The Highest Followed path to Rank in Google in 2019

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Doung Cunnington!

Do remember this name because this is the person who has discovered the concept of KGR (Keywords Golden Ratio) and solved the big issue Keyword Researching, isn’t?

Let’s find out how?

So whenever we go to find the longtail keywords for our niche and content it’s easy but when we try to find the keywords for those we can easily rank on the 1st page then it becomes harder, isn’t?

If you are also playing in this kind of shit and having a great headache then Doung Cunningoton’s KGR will help you.

You can say that KGR is a way “no” it’s a Data-Driven way to rank you for your keywords on the good positions at the very short time of period.

Without hitting in shit let’s start understanding about it!

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What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

So you got the little idea about KGR, let’s start reading about it more!

According to prosociate:

Keyword Golden Ratio is a great method to simplify the selection and validate keywords that you can rank for.

In other words:

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a process to find the keywords that are undeserved over the internet and get the benefit of it, how?

Let’s see.

So, in the words of “Mangools”, if you find a Keyword Golden Ratio phrase and you publish a piece of content targeting the keyword, your article should rank in the top 50 within a few days – sometimes hours. In adding they also told if your site has a decent authority and isn’t brand new, then you can rank in top 15.


I know you are now eager to find those kinds of keywords but first, understand that there are two main characteristics of finding a KGR phrase:

  1. Keyword should have less 250 search volumes per month. (Can check it by Google keyword planner and keyword everywhere extension).
  2. You should get the .25 quotient when you divide the number of posts with your keyword allintitle by searches done in a month of the same keyword.

In the last topic of this blog, you will see how to calculate the Keyword Golden Ratio, in addition, to manage it in a spreadsheet.

But first, we have to understand that,

Why should we use the Keyword Golden Ratio?

I didn’t want to discuss this topic because till now you have already found that how the KGR can help you, but let me give you some more reasons to use the Keyword Golden Ratio:

  1. New Websites Owners: we all know that every newcomer in the website’s world needs motivation and I think that, this strategy will help them to rank faster which will increase their motivation.
  2. Prioritize the Topics: Many times it happens that when we start publishing the content, we get some issue like, which keyword should we target first or which content we should publish first but now you can help yourself with KGR.

So, these are the two main reasons those I found enough to make you understand about Keyword Golden Ratio concept.

How to Calculate the Keyword Golden Ratio?

Keyword Golden Ratio = # of allintitle results / Search Volume

Having an issue to understand this?

Don’t worry because here I have created a steps guide that will help you to understand this.

Steps to Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio:

Step 1: Open the spreadsheet and make four columns with the name of keywords, monthly searches, allintitle, and KGR.

Step 1 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

Step 2: Do collect Keywords.

Step 2 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

Step 3: Do collect their monthly searches by installing the keyword everywhere.

Step 3 - 2 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min Step 3 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

Step 4: Do collect the allintitle.

Step 4 - 2 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min Step 4 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

Step 5: Divide monthly searches with the allintitle and do a record of it in the KGR section.

Step 5 - 2 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

Now choose the keywords to work as below:

Step 6 - Keyword Golden Ratio - Infojerk.net-min

.25 = Great to work

.25 – 1 = High work

>1 = Bad to work

As I told you that now find the keywords those have “.25” quotient and then start getting rankings and traffics.

Happy ranking!

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