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Instagram Influencers Marketing – The Best Way to Market a Brand

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All About Influencers Marketing - Infojerk - Must Check-min

Here we have listed all you need to know about Influencers Marketing on Instagram, This Guide is for the Brand as well as for the Influencers!

Hello Guys!

Today we are going to talk about Instagram Influencers Marketing which has become the $2 Billion industry also one of the powerlifters of social media. 

Influencers Marketing is estimated to grow by $5 to $6 billion industry by 2021.

Buy Why?

So, the answer is:

Influencers Marketing depends on the peoples that have built their huge audience in such a way that their followers are loyal to them & this is what attracts the marketers to reach & ask them to talk about their brand’s product.

So, here we have brought you the overall process for Instagram Influencers Marketing & the best part of this blog is it’s helpful for both either you want to be an Influencer or you are a marketer it will help you both.

Let’s Start

Why Do Brands Need to Shift on Instagram Influencers Marketing?

To Increase your Brand Products or services sale!

Yeah, Influencers Marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness & we all know that massive brand awareness leads to massive increment in sales, besides Instagram Influencers Marketing can help you in many things, like:

Massive Reach & Growth

We all know Instagram is one of the best & popular social networks worldwide after Facebook & through Influencers Marketing you can cover as much as the audience you want.

High Engagement Rate

Besides massive reach, you can also use Instagram as the highest engagement rate solution in the list of best Social Networks.

The Cost

Instagram Influencers Marketing is Cheap!

Not that much but comparatively it’s cheaper than the other Social Media Marketing Platforms & If you are selling something related to high cart value then you should use it.

How Many Types of Influencers are on Instagram?

Yupp, Many people forgot this point while executing their Influencers Marketing Campaign on Instagram.

Don’t worry there is not a rocket science to choose between the types of Influencers on Instagram because it only consists of two types:

Page – The first one is any page on Instagram which has massive followers count. A page is not a personal account but it can help you to reach your audience

People – The second one is People with high followers count on Instagram. These should be your priority because this individual’s audience is more connected to them in comparison to a page.

Who is a Good Influencer on Instagram?

Before knowing this we have to understand the meaning of an Influencer!

There is not a set of rules or any organization that authorizes someone as an Influencer but a person should have a huge & engaging followers count!

Engagement should be greater than 3% & you can check it by searching “engagement rate checker” online.

But make sure to check with these kinds of tools before launching or approaching anyone on Instagram because nowadays there are many bot & people that claim to increase anyone’s followers count for some money.

So, Do Check It.

You can use some other tools like SocialBlade to know more about a person’s influence on Instagram.

How to Find a Good Influencer on Instagram?

At this point, most of the marketer stuck. After all, they face a question about how to identify the Good Influencer because everyone has a good amount of followers!

Do You also?

So, don’t worry here we are going to describe all points those can help you to decide your influencer:

Followers – Although this is the first factor, not the only one because nowadays many websites give the massive following for some bucks. But here we are not talking about the followers’ count but their quality like do their followers have profile pictures & all? This check can help you to identify between fake & original followers.

Engagements – You can check it by searching websites on Google with the query “Instagram Engagement Rate Checker”. It can help you to decide more engaging influencers. A Good Engagement rate is >3%.

Check Comments – Here we are not talking about the “Comment Count” but comment quality, that means comments that are not just the Emojis but the actual appreciation because most commonly some word are common from fake followers like: “very nice” “haha” & two or more than 2 Emoji. It is the most crucial factor to identify the genuine Influencer’s power. 

Check Feed – Check the Influencers feed, check they were promoting anything before, check what was the engagement on that post, etc. so this point can clear you more about finalizing that Influencer.

How to Reach to Instagram Influencers?

It’s not that complicated to reach anyone on Instagram. You Can search anyone by their Username or hashtags then there are many options to form a partnership with them, like:

Check if Link is in Bio – You can check for the link in their Bio.

Slide into DM – Or, you can directly slide to their DM, if they are interested in your offer, so they will reply.

What to Message an Instagram Influencer?

Now we think it’s the biggest question you will face while offering something to the influencer, isn’t it?

But don’t worry here is the tried & tasted line that can help you in the best manner to crack your deals:

“Hey, I Think I’ve Got a Product that your Followers Would Love. What are Your Shoutout Rates?”

Yeah, we know you were expecting more but don’t worry it will work because influencers got so many messages daily so they will not give you a damn with 100 words of approach message.

What Should be the price of an Instagram Influencer?

It’s the matter of Bargaining but we are Marketers!

Don’t we have a formula for you which can help you in the beginning, later on, you can adjust the rate depending on your product & influencer.

Here it is:

1 Cent = 1 Follower

$108 = 100,000 Followers

It means you will need to pay $108 for an influencer who has 100000 followers.


Hope this guide helped you in the right manner and now you have the way to work on, but if you still have some issues or query then you can comment below, we guarantee you to give the solution.


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