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Image SEO – The Most Underrated Concept But Should Not – Know Why?

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Image SEO - Infojerk.Net - Must Check

We are damn sure that you already have a little insight over it!

Everyone uses the Images in Blogs, Articles, PR’s Etc. In order to explain the content properly but do you think that using or uploading an image is enough?

No That’s why we are here to discuss the topic that Image SEO is really important!

There is a Myth that Google doesn’t use Image SEO or there is no need to it but as we said that it’s just a myth and the reason behind it is below!

Because if Google Doesn’t read the Image or it’s SEO part then how they give us the exact same kind of image which we look in the Search Box?


That’s what we are saying!

There are many things come in the Image SEO Let’s Discuss it!

Image SEO – All Know-How!

Before doing the SEO for Image we will need to correct one more thing, which is “How to Find the Right Image?”

Do you have any idea?

The answer is very simple, it’s always better if you can use the original Images or the Images that are produced by yourself, it can be digital or clicked! But the question arises when you are not able to produce your own images.

What can you do now?

Don’t feel bed, There are many websites that provide essential photography for free, all you have to do just register your account.

To find these websites all you need to do is just search a query “Free Stock Images” & Tadan more than 10 websites will be open, you can use them for a free picture.

I hope the issue regarding the best images is solved!

Let’s move toward the next topic.

What We Do – Practical Image SEO

There are many blogs over the internet those will tell you bla bla bla.

But here we will discuss the most prominent things in Image SEO:

File Name of Your image

Is this important?

If you are also asking the same thing, then let me clear it that Image SEO starts with the File name & seriously it is more important than anything else.

So, the first step is to name a good file name for your Image, an Ideal Format of naming an Image is:

The topic of Image + Brand Name

Image Format

The second step in Image SEO is making the right Image Format.

There are many Image formats you can use like: JPEG, PNG, SVG & WebP. But the most ideal format of the image is NextGen Format which is WebP & you can convert any image in WebP by Squoosh

Use Image Those are Responsive

Yes, Friends, you will need to use a Responsive image in terms of WordPress’s new version WordPress 4.4.

The responsiveness is used for making an image easy to load in any kind of device.

Reduce File Size


As we know that the WebPage loading time also depends on the Image Size we are using. Because of it, we need to Reduce Image Size.

Name The Image Caption

Image Caption is like the Alternative option when your image Load late. So, Yes it is also a part of Image SEO & you need to make sure that you give the Right Image Caption.

Alt Text

Alt Text is a very important part of Image SEO. According to Yoast:

“Be sure to add alt text to every image you use, and make sure the alt text includes the SEO Keyphrase for that page (if appropriate). Most importantly, describe what’s in the image so both search engines and people can make sense of it. The more relevant information surrounding an image has, the more search engines deem this image important.”

Give the Description to Image

The description is also Important for Image SEO as it helps the Search Engine Bot to understand an Image.


So, These all were the thing those help you to understand about Image SEO & we hope that you have got the clear insights for Image SEO but if you still have any issue then you should not have to worry & just comment me below!


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