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Easy Way To Make Money Online - Infojerk - Must See!- Compressed

Hey You! Do you want to make Money Online?

Obviously!! Okay, let me re-frame my question again;  Do you want to Earn from Home with less time, resources and efforts?

Don’t worry in this segment, we are not going to discuss those old and fussy ways to earn money online that seem easy to start, but hard to finish! 

Basically Making money online in 2020 is still a daydream for many. There are many issues that comes up with peoples, like:

  • They don’t know which platform is best?
  • Some Feels Shy!
  • Many are stuck in the financial issues!
  • And yet others choose the worst and outdated ways to earn money from home, like: Fiverr and Upwork.

Wondering how we know all these?

It’s because during our growth years, we were also facing the same points while searching for the best way to earn money online.

 But before moving ahead, let’s know we some essential qualities needed for your success:

  • Success starts with consistency. You have to be a consistent person, so buckle up and start warming up for that. 
  • Slow and steady still wins the race; You will have to opt out for one platform at a time.
  • No harm to spare a few drinks today for a never ending party tomorrow! C’mon don’t lie to yourself, we know you can always get some extra time for your passion and profession.

Here I have listed some of the most searched Websites, Skills, Platforms & ways to make money online to help you stay focused and push you closer to real ways to make money from home.

Online Earning Way Through  Instagram Account & Page

Before Discussing this Point we are assuming that you have an Instagram Profile that feels like a heart to you!

If Not, we don’t know what you are doing with your life so far! INSTALL INSTANTLY because without it, you can’t follow and climb these easy earn money steps!

Now after you log into your Instagram Profile:

First convert it from personal to Business account because only then you will be able to see the detailed demographics, okay? … Well, You know, there is a reason why business class is still considered privilege and posh!

Second step is to make it public so everyone can view your content without following you, don’t worry it will increase your follower base! *Secret Tip* Remember in the back of your mind, stalkers increase engagement rate and therefore they are valuable assets to your business. Keep them busy! 

In Third step, try to play around a particular niche or interest, and we mean it! we  know what you’re thinking, It can’t be possible to travel without doing some food blogging so our suggestion would be-attract both the users at the same, by creating two or more than two profiles reflecting your niche!

In the Fourth step, make a list of hashtags. Make Sure your hashtags post count is not > 10M. This would help you to stay at the top of the recent posts section for sometime.

At Last- Start Clicking amazing pictures and post them! Obviously, basic but brilliant!

Also try to promote some products for Free, so if any brand comes across your profile they may consider that you are in paid collaboration with some other brands, and therefore you are worth it! 

Of Course Yes!! Flatter game is the shortcut for instagram, don’t blame us!

A Bonus Tip: Never chase the “follower incremental rat race”  and “getting likes by some fraud apps” because brands & Instagram itself has stopped these two metrics (Followers & Likes) to consider your Instagram Account Quality. It may personally please you, but it wont please your business! 

Online Income Source Through Ranking Websites

If you are following us for long, many of you were already aware, but let us clear some more insights about it. In Internet marketing there is a niche, which is known as the SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

You’ll be glad to hear that in the period of lockdown where all businesses are falling apart, the Online community is still making hard money in Internet marketing through SEO!

So, Basically Search Engine Optimization is a process which allows you to rank a website higher in SERP’s so the business can be visible to their customers that are searching online for them.

You Can Read More about this process in Below Guide:

The Lazy Person’s (Beginners & Experts) Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be a Social Media Manager & Earn from Home!

Wait Wait Wait!

No one is going to give their social media credentials first & then money just to login & logout!

So you need to get this point loud and clear how a social media platform works?

Then you will need to understand which social media platform is going to help a business grow immediately? Because there are plenty of it like Facebook, then Instagram, then Pinterest & linkedin even more Social medias are in the loop so Understand the algorithm before deep diving into making money through Social Media Manager Profile.

Is this an easy process or not? Because all you need to do is just make a plan by listing the different social media & try to master one at a time then find a local brand and handle their social media channel with your mastery.

Ways to Earn Money Online Becoming a Facebook Ads Expert

This Process is actually easy! We swear.

It’s because Facebook has more than 2.9 billion users on it! just think about it if you become a master in understanding the mass’s psychology & growing a business with it, where on earth you can reach.

Above all after Google Ads Platform, the most complicated ad platform is Facebook ads, it means if you go through the whole process from being a noob to expert, you will learn to be a pro!

Now another concept comes up: how to do mastery in Facebook Ads? Don’t worry there are many resources that can help you in it but make sure not to spend a single penny for this, because a free tutorial can give you the same exposure as a paid one will provide you!

Ways to Earn Money from Home Being a Google Ads Expert

As mentioned above, it can be your Second step or for some people it might be First!

Choice is yours but let us clear you that Google Ads is the most complicated process of presenting an Ad in front of people but take it as a positive side because this reason makes it rare skill & high payable as well.

As like the Facebook ads there are many resources that can teach you about the Google Ads but make sure you will  need to practice each and everything you learn about the Google Ads Expert.

Best Way to Earn Money Online By Creating Mesmerizing Designs

Logos, Banners, Ad Creatives, etc.

Yeah! There is a dedicated profile for making these things and they earn in abundance. 

So, basically there are many native apps, photoshop and web applications that can help you to create an amazing Logo, banner & a Ad Creative all you need to do is, just switch on your creativity and start exploring and creating anything and everything!

While starting you will take time but after understanding the features of your favorite tools to create these designs; you will become an expert & take less time and effort to create a design for yourself or for someone.

Content Writing & CopyWriting – Ways to Make Money Online

Let me Guess many of you did not have any idea about it & some of you are confused too! Is there any difference between both of them?

So, let me clear your doubt first:

Content Writing – You write posts, articles, blogs about a subject. Your purpose is to entertain, inform, move the reader. You are the go-to person when someone wants their blog to gain traffic, a sizable audience and build trust and authority.

Copywriting – You write copy, words that persuade people to do something. You sell via the written word.

You are the go-to person when someone needs to improve their sales, conversion rates and marketing.

Hope you got the point now you have to decide which profile is going to stay with you for making money online? According to us the both have their own profits and perks but Copywriters earn better many a times.

Start a Blogging Website – Real Way to Make Money From Home!


Many of you are well versed in it, while some of you are just thinking to start it. So in 2020 everyone knows something better than others and if you know a specific thing then start blogging about it! It is the best way to showcase your talent, passion, art, craft and creativity.

To Start a Blogging website & making money online at home, there is small process which you need to follow:

First of all choose a Niche & research about its scope.

Then you need to create a blogging website by merging the Domain, Hosting & a Mesmerizing theme.

Lastly, start promoting your blogs or hire a person who can help you in this.

That’s it!

Learn to Make Websites – Online Earning Way!

No No No!

Don’t skip this step because to create a website you don’t need to get into the coding or programming language at all.

There is actually a very easy method to easily earn money online at home! Because nowadays there are many CMS software systems that help you to create your website on your own, all you need to do is first of all create your website & while doing it follow each & every step so you will not miss anything.

But what if you don’t have initial money to make your own website?

Don’t worry because there are too many websites online that provide you the service to create a Free website from scratch.

You will be glad like those thousand others who know that Infojerk.net is one of those go to websites, which was created by a single person who is not well versed in coding & programming, so that means- YOU CAN DO IT too!

Mutual or Index Funds – Best Online Income Sources!

Now let us clear you some things:

First is Mutual or Index funds are the ways which help you earn from home, through money!

Second, we can list the share market here as well! But we are assuming that you don’t have much time!

So, basically this is another too easy way to earn money online from home. All you need to do is just start learning & taking actions in this direction by following online guides to invest in Mutual & index funds.

What You Will Need to Earn Money Online?

Now coming to the last important topic of this blog- what it will take to make money online? 


Here we are  not going to talk about anything paid, rather we will tell you few things which you  already own and you are the go to person for making money online, here are those things:

Laptop or Mobile – Now this is must, there is no need for any heavy use device but at least you have a device either it is a mobile or it’s a laptop/desktop.

Facebook & Instagram Page – There are some of the ways to make money online where you will need a Facebook or an Instagram Page.


At the end *sobs sobs*, We hope that you are an Action taker, an influencer, a warrior and definitely one with a strong willpower to learn the real ways to make money from home from the comfort of your beds!

Also, if you have any issue or query regarding any of the ways don’t hesitate, don’t be shy, don’t be lazy to ask in the comment section and our team will reach and help you out. 

(If you are thinking why are we doing this? It’s because we also follow the passion to spread happiness while in business!) 



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