Digital Marketing – The Real Mystery Behind Online Community – Updated!

Student? No

Business? No


You could be a student, seeking a career in Digital Marketing or an entrepreneur who is willing to get the clients and customers online or a business who is willing to sell his products.

No matter because here we will discuss all digital marketing aspects so you can get better exposure to it?

Before moving to Digital Marketing first we have to know about Traditional Marketing because this is the thing which is basic to learn about Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing

According to a brand:

Traditional marketing is a kind of technique which was used for getting more customers and brand awareness in the market

Actually, in traditional Marketing, we use old methods or strategies for promotions like: 

  • Newspapers,
  • Billboards,
  • Wall posters, etc.

Now the question arises, why is there a need for Online Marketing?

So, the biggest reason is you can’t measure the percentage of conversion, like in traditional marketing you don’t know that after putting a wall poster or an ad on newspapers, how many people have really seen it, isn’t?

Here are several other reasons those make the Digital Marketing more powerful as compared to Traditional Marketing, here is a pictorial representation of it:

Marketing - Digital Marketing - Infojerk.net

Now we know the benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing.

So, let’s move onto Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing – What?

Friends, Digital Marketing is not rocket science actually it comes with the basic strategy of Traditional Marketing using online resources.

In Other Words

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing for our products and services using the modern digital platform, which mostly consists of the internet, display advertising, etc.

Digital Marketing – Why?

Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing and Internet Marketing.

We have seen the power of Digital marketing although it is the future of marketing with several salient features like:

  • Digital marketing takes the very low manpower even a single person can do it for you.
  • Digital Marketing is a comparatively low cost.
  • Digital Marketing has no location limit, no demographics limit, and
  • The biggest benefit of using Digital Marketing is, you can track your conversion even your impressions, and you can retarget them as well.

Hope you got yours why? Cleared now the question is how to use Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing – How?

I know that you are finding this point from the very starting of the blog, so let’s clear that how to use Digital Marketing?

But first we have to know that Digital Marketing is not a very small scope, it consists of different marketing strategies like:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 
  • Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO & SMM),
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM),
  • Pay Per Click (PPC AKA Google Ads),
  • Email Marketing, 
  • Content Marketing, and

Friends, basically these are the techniques used to implement our Digital Marketing Strategies and promote our products.

Now let’s take a look over the individual aspect so you can choose which technique is batter to start learning and acquiring the market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, come first, Search Engine Optimization is nothing rather making your website search engine friendly and performing the practices to rank it on the first page of Google with a particular Keyword

In another word, Search Engine Optimization is a process which is used to promote your services, products and content with the help of search engine organic traffic by reaching out the potential customer on the set of keywords.

Social Media Optimization & Marketing (SMO & SMM)

Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are no other than two sides of a single coin.

In Social media Optimization we use free aspects of social media to get clients, customers and brand awareness, and

In Social Media Marketing we use the paid sides of social media like:

  • Facebook Marketing,
  • Instagram Marketing,
  • Linkedin Marketing,
  • Pinterest Marketing, etc.

Here is a post updated related to SMM:

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management is something where we use SEO techniques as well as SMO techniques.

Ultimately we get a goal to make a good online reputation for a particular brand or an individual.

Online reputation management is mostly used by the brands or by a specific person to promote or maintain their online reputations; it can also be used to make a special appearance of you on an online or internet world.

Here is a glimpse of some ORM results:

Online Reputation Management - Digital Marketing - Infojerk.net

Search Engine Marketing or Paid Marketing (SEM & PPC)


These are the most widely used aspects of Digital Marketing, where we use a tool provided by the Search Engine or network to show up on the top result.

In the case of Google we use “Google ads” and here is a quick glimpse for the same:

Pay Per Click - Digital Marketing - Infojerk.net

Email Marketing

I am damn sure that Email marketing is the word that can give you the quick summary automatically about its work.

So it’s basically used in the process by sending your services or content directly to the person’s mail id’s but the major drawback of Email marketing is the time it takes for their conversion.

Here is a quick glimpse of Email Marketing:

Email Marketing - Digital Marketing - Infojerk.net

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is also a strategy to promote your product and services using content marketing channels, like:

Medium, Minds, Blogger, WordPress, Strikingly, etc.


So, as the above explanation about Digital Marketing, I am damn sure that you have got the ideas about the same field, it has many aspects like SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM and Email Marketing.

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