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Deep Analysis of Instagram Marketing – You Can’t Refuse to Follow It!

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Howdy Marketers & Instagramers!

You must be stuck somewhere in between  your personal brand or a Client business, and the rest of you are just planning to run Instagram Marketing Strategy for a pretty long time… The first push to such an approach is the hardest, Isn’t it? 

Don’t worry this blog is great for both experts and freshers! Here you will find experiences that are used & spinned content; all strategies & steps are tested, updated & awesome. So no matter how big or small a brand or account you have; you’ll definitely find something new here.

Before jumping into the Steps let’s brush up some well known fact & insights about Instagram as a Social Networking:

Basically Instagram is a channel:

  • Which own a Billion+ monthly active users,
  • More than 60 Million photos in a day,
  • 1.6 billion likes in one day, &
  • 849 Million+ Advertisers.

Whoa, What a Big Audience!

That’s why after Pinterest, Instagram is the major Social Network to drive traffic!

Hope this was enough of a reason to challenge your marketing skill, and make online presence  through Instagram Advertising on Next level.

So basically we have broken Instagram Marketing in 4 easy Steps, where we will try to describe each topic in some words & a proper guide.

Let’s start!

First Step – Creating and Ideal Instagram Account

Before starting to create your Instagram account you will need to understand that do you own a business or you have a personal account? 

Here are the substeps which we have listed for your ease:

  • Check & Analyze your Competitors account.
  • Sit & Choose your Brand or account name.
  • Choose a perfect picture or logo for profile or brand image.
  • Make a relatable custom URL for your profile.
  • Write an amazing description with all about your brand or yourself.
  • Fill up all the other details for your instagram account.

Second Step – Start Getting the Initial Followers

We know this was the step which many of you were targeting for a long time.

So, What you can do to get initial followers are:

  • Try to follow accounts that are New & active on the platform. Also do comment on 1 Post & like minimum 5.
  • Try to get a shoutout by messaging your friends & brands (we know it’s old but it works as well, so do it!).
  • Follow your competitors’ customers that are highly active on Instagram (you can find them by opening the comment box of your competitors post. Thank us later!)

Third Step – What To Post

Now, if you have followed the above steps it means you have reached half of your destination but we know at that point of time you want to scale your account.

So, we have listed some things that you can post on Instagram Story, Instagram Feed & Reels. 

You Can Post:

  • Product Images – If you are a Brand you must already be doing this, but if you don’t own one, you too can showcase yourself as a brand so that others feel you are an influencer. 
  • Ask Questions – ask questions that are highly relatable to the majority of the audience, make sure you don’t just stick with your own mindset, breathe creativity as a community.
  • Happy Customers with Products – Yupp! You can do it as well by reviewing products and services  in order to increase the authenticity in front of other audiences.
  • Meme of your own Brand – You just need to find trending ideas that capture attention instantly and can be sold like hot cup cakes.
  • Motivational & Cozy Couple Picture – We know both are different, now it’s your choice which one you prefer or if you prefer both.
  • Chats with Customers – you can post screenshots with your happy customers, it increases the brand value.
  • Upcoming Products – You can create a hype of your product before launching it through this.
  • Story PPT – Here you can create a PPT  in the instagram aspect ratio which will describe your product.
  • Team Pictures – You can share your happy employees picture, make sure both genders should be in the picture!
  • Special calendar day wishes – it can be a festival or it can be a chocolate day or dance day kind of thing!

Fourth Step – How to Post for Batter Engagement

We are hoping that the last step has cleared most of your doubts and rest all will be solved here.

So, the last and the biggest obstacle for every brand or person is to scale up your brand like a pro; here we have listed some tricks that you can use for your ease & increase the account engagement.

Let’s Check:

  • Sit for just One Day & Finalize the Designs – Many times it happens that you have an idea but you don’t have design & you get overwhelmed & leave the idea, so for it you can sit one day not for 24 hours just for 2 hours & finalize the designs.
  • Be Consistent & Schedule – You can make a content calendar to be consistent or use any of the post scheduling services, so you can provide content to your audience at the right time.
  • Try to Use Babies, Dogs and all cute things in the posts – we don’t think that we need to emphasise this point, so start doing it!
  • Make a Colourful Post – instagram.com/infojerk you can check out our post, and what we do for it.
  • Post At Least 2-3 Posts a Day – Yes! Minimum 2 or 3 post is important if you own a brand but you can play more than that if you own a personal account.
  • Create your story highlights – This is what you have to do not just for your audience but for yourself as well.
  • Try to Use Engagement Pods on Telegram – This we would not like to clear because it’s too advanced & little bit secret tip on the internet.
  • Promote a Post – It’s all your choice but honestly it increases your followers base, so you can promote one of your posts in a week. Don’t worry instagram take 84 Rs. for one day boost, so just go for it!


So, we hope that now you can go in the market & say that you are an Instagram Pro!

But not until you master each of the steps shown above with patience, determination and intense dedication.So start doing it today & we guarantee you to scale up your profile.

If in this process, you get stuck anywhere, return to this blog again & drop a comment with your query & profile! We will give you a guaranteed solution within no time! 


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