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“Content is a King”

“Marketing isn’t Possible without Content”

“Content marketing is the present and future of internet or Digital Marketing”

I hope that you have already heard these lines while you were seeking for Google promotions or Digital marketing for your business.

But why it would say?

Have you ever think about it?

Every time you go to any kind of online or offline market and try to buy something, there is a kind of content which have been used to play and sell that product or service.

For example: In an offline market you go to a shop asks for a thing to shopkeeper then his content(words) used to play with your minds without letting you know! Isn’t?

Now you can say that you already knew that product, but how?

 The answer can be a TV Show commercial or an online Video ad, isn’t?

 But think deeply, don’t you think that this time the content of that product or service has been played a crucial role?

We can say that every product has its content to attract you, the same applies when you shop online because before purchasing anything you read the description which is content.

Content is Mostly Used – Where?

Although I know that you have got a little bit idea of the places where content is mostly used?

But, for your information here I have done some more research about the same and listed it in the right manner, so here are the places in Digital Marketing where a keyword is most commonly used:

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization),
  • PPC(Pay Per Click / Paid Marketing),
  • ORM(Online Reputation Management),
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM),
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM),
  • Social Video Marketing,
  • Content Marketing, and
  • Influencers Marketing.

In short, we can say:

“Content Marketing is an important aspect of Digital Marketing which allow us to promote or spread our services and business through valuable, reliable and relevant content to the audience.”

But now the question arises that:

What Things Do We Need to Create Good Content?

Yes it’s an important question and I am damn sure that you can easily find the many stuff over the internet but here for you we have listed just four things and we can say that with these points you can easily conquer all of the ups and downs in Content Marketing:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Organization
  • Content Promotion

I hope that you got them very well and I don’t require briefing them, isn’t? If yes then you can comment but for now, we have to move to the next topic which is to find some great steps to create idle content.

Steps to create an Idle Content?

How to create good content? Friends it’s the last and most important question and I have tried to give you the all overview for it, all you need to do just follow simple steps for creating an Idle content given here:

  • Choose a topic to write about
  • Search About Pre-Created content
  • Do keyword research
  • Form a long-tail keyword
  • Expand long-tail keyword into a working title
  • Shorten your Permalink
  • Optimize image alt-text
  • Create a compelling meta description
  • Insert links strategically throughout your blog post
  • Include other forms of media to keep your visitors engaged
  • Work with industry thought leaders to create a compelling story

So, this was the last topic of practical content marketing and I hope that now you got the clear overview about it but if you still feel that I haven’t touched some topic in this guide then you don’t have a need to worry and just comment me out here so I will automatically add the topics in this guide.

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