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Bounce Rate Vs. Exit Rate – Infojerkian’s Guide!

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Bounce Rate VS. Exit Rate - Infojerk.Net

First of all Type in Comment if you don’t know about the Exit Rate or Don’t Know that where to See it!

Yeah! We know that there are many people’s those don’t know about this metric.

Many of us just dwell our time to understand & think about the Bounce Rate but many of us don’t know that there is one more metric in Google Analytics to see which is as important as the Bounce Rate named Exit Rate.

Later in this blog we will get a deeper dive into these both topics but first we have to know the basic mean of both these metrics. Let’s start by little definition of both:

Bounce Rate:

Bounce Rate is basically the session with single engagements.

In other words, it is calculated by dividing the total number of bounces with the total number of page views:

A Bounce occurs when a user enter in website through a webpage & do exit without doing any kind of activity.

Bounce Rate = Total Number of Bounces / Total Number of Page Views

Exit Rate:

It’s the percentage of particular Web Page’s exits.

In other words it looks the total number of exit from a webpage over the total number of views that page has received.

Exit Rate = Total Number of Exits/Total Number of Visits

Goal of These Metrics

The basic goal of these metrics is very similar which is to calculate the percentage of people who leave that WebPage by opening it.

According to the CXL.COM:

Exit rate is the percentage of visits that were the last in the session whereas bounce rate is the percentage of visits that were the only one of the session.

This means, bounces are only recorded if a user exits directly from the page they entered while exit rates are recorded regardless of a user’s prior activity on your website. Therefore, all bounces are exits but not all exits are bounces.


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