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Content & Content Marketing | What Does it Mean & How to Do It? | Infojerk.net

Content Marketing is an important aspect of Digital Marketing which allow us to promote or spread our services and business through valuable, reliable and relevant content to the audience.

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Keywords – Full & Final Guide To Understand the Rocket Science of SEO – Infojerk!

Keywords Keywords Keywords!!! Do you also fed up with the term and want to know the quick summary of it? Then here under the guidance of experts, we are going to learn about it. What do Keywords Belong to? The question is a hypothetical itself, and whenever it is asked so you will need to…
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Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency – The Concept Which Can Rank you Easy!

TF-IDF, TFIDF, or TF.IDF Don’t be confuse artists known it as the Prince, Yeah seriously don’t be confuse it all have the same concept in the backend. Before having an eye over it, you first need to understand why it came in the rise? Why TF-IDF is a High Demand Ranking factor? Many few people…
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Keyword Golden Ratio – The Highest Followed path to Rank in Google in 2019

Doung Cunnington! Do remember this name because this is the person who has discovered the concept of KGR (Keywords Golden Ratio) and solved the big issue Keyword Researching, isn’t? Let’s find out how? So whenever we go to find the longtail keywords for our niche and content it’s easy but when we try to find the keywords…
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Social Media Optimization (SMO) – The Guide That Made Many Experts – You Should Not Miss!!!

Social Media!!! Is this your Favourite part of Digital Marketing, and you want to master it? So, this blog will really help you and you will get a clear insight over Social Media Optimization. For the clear insight I have broken the guide in some easy steps: What Social Media Optimization Stands For? Why do…
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The Lazy Person’s (Beginners & Experts) Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for the “Search Engine Optimization”, which is a kind of process that helps your website to get the traffic from “organic” and “natural” search results on search engine like Google, Bing, etc.