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Bounce Rate VS. Exit Rate - Infojerk.Net

Bounce Rate Vs. Exit Rate – Infojerkian’s Guide!

First of all Type in Comment if you don’t know about the Exit Rate or Don’t Know that where to See it! Yeah! We know that there are many people’s those don’t know about this metric. Many of us just dwell our time to understand & think about the Bounce Rate but many of us…
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Google SERP Features – What They Are & How They Look – Must See!

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page! I told this because many of you are beginners, so they will not confuse in the whole blog & they will understand the SERP’s Feature easily! According to Moz: A SERP is any result on the Search Engine Result Page that is not a traditional organic result. That…
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All Link Attributes - Infojerk - Must See

The Most Important Link Attributes in SEO & there Work – Must See!

Have you ever thought that how a particular URL is treated when It’s included in your WebPage? What does the mean of “nofollow”, “dofollow” etc.? So yes these known as the link attributes in SEO, how it looks? <a href=”http://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Link text</a> This is how a link attributes look; even you can check your own…
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Infojerk - Our Brand

Best Ever Guide Over Canonical Issues & Tags – You Should Not Miss!

Imagine that you have two Web Pages that have almost the same content both are crawled and going to be indexed! Yes, duplicate content is a complicated issue in SEO World; it can cause many of the SEO problems. Now, this phenomenon is known as the canonical and if you are a webmaster or Digital…
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The Best Ever Guide over HTML & XML Sitemaps - Infojerk - Must See!

What are XML & HTML Sitemaps – You Should Not Miss!

If your site’s pages are properly linked, our web crawlers can usually discover most of your site. Even so, a sitemap can improve the crawling of your site, particularly if your site meets one of the following criteria … This is not us! This is the Google Description of sitemaps. Basically, the sitemap is a…
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Meta Robots Tag - The Everything you are Willing to KNow! - Infojerk-min

Meta Robots Tags – Everything you are willing to know!

What if I say that Meta Robots Tags are like the Robots.Txt file? Not actually but for a short period, you will need to assume it because when you will move ahead in this blog, you will automatically get a clear insight into the Meta robots tags. According to Moz: Robots Meta directives (sometimes called…
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All About Robots.Txt File - Header Image - Infojerk-min

All About [Robots.Txt] – The Little Hack to make your Website’s SEO Win – Must See!

Whoa! What are you talking about, Robots.Txt file is a hack that can make my website’s SEO win? Do you also fond of the headline and clicked this?  Don’t worry! I am not making you a fool. In reality, it helps your SEO to boost up, later in this blog we will read about it.…
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Search Engine - The Perfect Guide to Start - Infojerk.net-min

Search Engine – The Thing where you Should Start SEO!

A web Search engine or internet search engine is a software system that is designed to carry out the web search which means to search the World Wide Web in a systematic way of particular information specified in a textual web search query.

Re-directions in SEO - Infojerk - Must See-min

Redirections – The Concept of Playing with URL at Your Service – Must See!

Redirection is a way to send both users and search engine bot to a different URL from the one they originally requested.

Influencers Marketing-Infojerk

Influencers Marketing – Everything you need to Know – Must See!

Everyone is talking about Influencers Marketing! Do you also afraid that Influencers Marketing is going to replace the Social Media & Content Marketing? Don’t worry here you are going to have the answer to all these. Introduction – What is Influencers Marketing? We will learn about it, but first, tell me that have you ever…
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