Best DeoDorants Under INR 200 – You Can’t Miss!

Howdy Boys!

Okay, let us clear this section is specially for boys who are looking for a best budget fragrance under 200 rupees.

Basically for this blog we have spent lots of money & checked almost 10+ deodorants brands that are easily available in india.

We know that’s the role of a Deodorant for us & such things, so without wasting your time on these bullshits let’s start the blog!

#1 Park Avenue Signature Collection (Neo)

This is the best Deodorant if you love something which lasts upto 24 hours. Not as hard as in the starting but it lasts in the mild fragrance.

#2 Fogg Fresh Oriental Black Series For Men

This is specially for men & it’s awesome fragrance will make you feel something fresh around you. This is best deo if you didn’t take bath & want to go out with friends.

#3 Denver Hamilton

As the royal name it has a royal fragrance, Denver Hamilton has put all their research & findings in this aluminium bottle, you must try it!

#4 Wild Stone (Copper)

This is my personal favourite & the reason behind it is the compliments i get after applying it, i genuinely don’t know why but this is seriously amazing, you can’t miss to try it.

#5 Axe Dark Temptation

I know that dark temptation is not the name you haven’t heard before because this deo is famous for its royal fragrance.

So, after all the best deo review we hope that you have made your mind for buying your favourite Deo.

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